About Our Company

Fair Trade in Ecuador

Set in the spectacular mountains of Otavalo, Ecuador, WinterSun clothing is created in a fair-trade enviroment in our own factory where each piece is hand-painted, hand-dyed, and sewn especially for you. Every detail is taken into consideration as WinterSun chooses the finest cotton,linen and findings, including locally and sustainably produced buttons made from tagua nuts.  

The Factory

Our factory features huge windows in the sewing rooms that look out over the mist-covered mountains and the open-air structures where our painters work to create works of art out of every meter of fabric. You'll practically feel the fresh breezes every time you slip on a favorite WinterSun piece.

Custom Made

Unlike most companies who simply produce items and then stock them for sale, WinterSun makes each piece of clothing custom for your order.  That means it takes a little longer to receive (typically 4 weeks from order date), but it will be well worth the wait.

Hand Painted

WinterSun's creative, unique clothing is made of top quality linen, cotton or cotton/lycra blends that are as durable and easy-to-care for as they are beautiful. Each print is the result of an elaborate process combining handpainting, hand dying and wax resistant batik.

Our Founder

Anga Miller, an art school graduate from North Carolina, discovered the magic of Ecuador and founded WinterSun in 1983. Here in the famed Andean mountain village of Otavalo, famous for its hand-woven textiles, Anga and her staff developed a unique, artistic clothing line that is as unique and beautiful as you.  Anga currrently resides in the artistic community of Floyd, VA and travels to Ecuador frequently.


This video was filmed a few years back, but the process hasn't changed a bit. If you are interested in learning more about WinterSun, this short video is very informative.

Sizing Chart

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