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WinterSun designs and makes clothing of fine quality and colorful fabric in unique styles. Intensely original, our garments are hand-painted and made in our factory in Otavalo, Ecuador, where we operate under the Fair Trade principle of offering above average wages and First World working conditions.


Each print is the result of an elaborate process combining hand-painting, hand dying and wax resistant batik. Each hand-painted garment is very different from all the rest, allowing you to escape the blandness of mass-produced products in favor of rich blends of color and texture that reflects individuality.


WinterSun has a wonderful network of retailers throughout the United States. We work with retailers of all different sizes and custom make each order by hand. Contact us if you are interested in carrying WinterSun in your store.

WinterSun also has a dedicated network of sales representatives that can help you create your first order.  

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